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Take A Loved One To The Doctor

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What is Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day?

Take A Loved One to The Doctor Day is part of a national campaign by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), that focuses on the health gap between racial and ethnic minorities and the general population, insured and uninsured, healthy and unhealthy. The campaign, Closing the Health Gap, was launched November 19, 2001. Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day encourages individuals to see a health care professional on September 21, 2004, or make an appointment for the near future.

By focusing our efforts on a single day, we believe we can help generate a greater understanding of the importance of regular health screenings while at the same time focus on those populations that tend to have the least access to health care. Prior to and after Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day, health messages will be aired on radio stations across America discussing the health gap and offering specific tips on leading healthier life.

When is Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day?

September 21, 2004. But individuals are urged to consider any day as a good day to take a loved one to the doctor. If you can't get an appointment on September 21, make an appointment for later in the week. The point is to go see a health professional and begin taking charge of your health. Take a Loved one to the Doctor Day is for both the healthy and unhealthy, insured and uninsured.

Why is there a Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day?

Research has shown that many individuals need to be motivated to seek out regular health care. While most people wait until there is an emergency before they go see a doctor (Health care professionals understand the value of preventive care), Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day is an excellent way to screen individuals, and where necessary, refer them for follow-up care, regardless of whether or not they are insured.

Where is Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day Occurring?

Events are being planned by local organizations in communities across the country. These will include health fairs and screenings at specific locations (shopping malls, local parks), community health forums, local media outreach and much more.

Who will Participate in Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day?

Local community-based organizations, including health centers and health departments, are participating. They are seeing patients (insured and uninsured), sponsoring health fairs, sharing information about Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day and helping to transport individuals to an appointment. Local civic groups, businesses and other community-based organizations are also encouraged to participate in any way they can.

How can I Participate in Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day?

It's easy. Identify someone you know who hasn't been to the doctor lately and make an appointment for them. Then take them. Or, if you haven't been to the doctor in a while, make an appointment for yourself. If they (or you) don't already have a doctor, or don't have health insurance, contact your local community health center or local health department to ask about free or low-cost care. If you have insurance and don't use it, there is no better time than now.

ePhoenixGroup encourages all local health centers and health departments across America to play a leading role in planning local events. We encourage you to collaborate with other organizations or partners in your community to ensure that those most in need of health care will have access to a health professional on Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day.

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